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Short Span Joist

Long Span Joist

Joist Girders

Composite Joist

Joist Substitutes


Knee Brances

Ankle Rods

Steel Columns

Steel Beams

Zee Purlins

Cee Purlins

Vertical Braces

Horizontal Braces

Metal Canopies


Steel for Dock Levers

Steel Window Screens

Steel Supports

Embed Plates

Roof Frames

Dumpster Gates

Roof Ladders

Roof Ladders w/Roof Hatch

Portal Frames

Wind Struts and Hangers

Steel for Parapets

Pipe Bollards

Interior Metal Stairs

Exterior Metal Stairs

Brace Frames

Roof Decks

Composite Decks

Non-Composite Decks

Cellular Decks

Acoustic Decks

A325 Bolts

Expansion Bolts

Headed Studs

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All our engineering and detailing is designed following the best practices and with the best tools, including Tekla® Structures, Autodesk® Advanced Steel, STAAD® and more.